The premiere of the latest technology from eLeader during the Poland & CEE Retail Summit

Retail Summit is the largest industry meeting of the trade and FMCG leaders in Poland.

During this year’s edition, eLeader presented its new product - eLeader Shelf Recognition– a mobile tool for photographic analysis of the „on the shelf products availability”.

This solution was developed in a close cooperation with the image and video recognition technology leader – Lab4Motion.

(20th Mar 2014)

eLeader supports mobile sales representatives in Graal

eLeader Mobile Visit solution has been lately implemented to the leader of fish products on Polish market. The mobile solution will improve company processes in both the traditional and modern channel, e.g. in the areas of competition and exposure monitoring, verification of listings, implementation of the contracts, controlling prices and the cost of collecting, verifying and auditing promotion and coaching of mobile representatives.

The customer has chosen myPhone S-Line smartphones running on Android.

(18th Mar 2014)





Plus Bank, the bank of the key mobile operator on the Polish market, has introduced a mobile banking application plusbank24 designed and developed by eLeader.
Using plusbank24 application is complimentary for all the Plus Bank's clients. Additionally, over 14 milions of Plus MNO custumers can benefit from free data transmission while using the application.
(17 February 2014)

eLeader Mobile Visit in the „big league” of RSE vendors according to the new Gartner report

Recently published document – "Vendor Panorama for Retail Execution and Monitoring in Consumer Goods" – describes the key issues for choosing the best mobile SFA / FFM / RSE vendors.

Quality and distinctive features allowed eLeader to gain highest notes in four categories, such as product aptness/ flexibilty, solution completeness, product vision and configurability. 

The full report can be found on Gartner webpage.

(17 Oct 2013)

The most innovative bank in the world* has deployed a mobile banking solution for corporations developed by eLeader.
mBank CompanyMobile app allows bank’s customers
to locate the closest ATMs, check currency rates and execute currency exchange transactions (mobile fx), create lists of orders, manage pending orders, execute all sorts of money transfers in a quick and convenient way.
The solution also enables the bank to administrate and send real-time messages via push notifications. mBank CompanyMobile native applications run on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry platforms.
(12 Dec 2013)


eLeader among the top technology companies in Europe

Red Herring Europe 2013 is a prestigious ranking, prepared by the american technology and business magazine. It brings together companies from the technology sector, that stand out not only with the quality of their solutions, but also have a real impact on the development of the industry in which they operate.

Candidates were evaluated among things like their technological innovation, management strategy, market footprint and financial condition. For more information please visit Red Herring magazine website.

(Press release)

(19 Mar 2013)

eLeader strenghtens its position
among Juniper’s top worldwide
mobile banking vendors

The versality of eLeader’s mobile solutions has been
once again valued by Juniper Research, which placed
eLeader among other world’s top vendors.

For more information about „Mobile Banking Handset
& Tablet Market Strategies 2013-2017” report please
visit Juniper's web page .

(4 Feb 2013)

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