A new chapter for eLeader mobile finance.

Welcome to FINANTEQ.

We are pleased to inform you that on September 1st mobile banking and m-commerce departments of eLeader become a seperate company operating under the name FINANTEQ SA as a part of eLeader capital group.

New, extremely flexible module for promotions in the eLeader SFA application!

A sample definition of the promotion: "A SPA voucher is a gift when ordering at least 3 pallets of any brand X products with capacities greater than 1L or 200ml cartons, unless the order will not be made from categories A and C. At the same time the complete order has to exceed the Y amount. It is possible to receive max two gifts in one quarter."

The design of the module allows users to freely define the rules of gratification and discounting. The application also suggests how to change the parameters of the order in a way to optimize the distribution of available promotions, increase profits and customer satisfaction.

(19th May 2014)


Santander’s bank transforms its mobile banking into superwallet

Bank Zachodni WBK, the biggest bank of the Santander Group in CEE region, embedded an extensive m-commerce marketplace into its mobile banking & payment application, creating the World’s first superwallet.

SuperWallet, together with ecosystem of integrated merchants, was developed by eLeader.

Learn more: superwallet.mobi


The premiere of the latest technology from eLeader during the Poland & CEE Retail Summit

Retail Summit is the largest industry meeting of the trade and FMCG leaders in Poland.

During this year’s edition, eLeader presented its new product - eLeader Shelf Recognition– a mobile tool for photographic analysis of the „on the shelf products availability”.

This solution was developed in a close cooperation with the image and video recognition technology leader – Lab4Motion.

(20th Mar 2014)

The most innovative bank in the world* has deployed a mobile banking solution for corporations developed by eLeader.
mBank CompanyMobile app allows bank’s customers
to locate the closest ATMs, check currency rates and execute currency exchange transactions (mobile fx), create lists of orders, manage pending orders, execute all sorts of money transfers in a quick and convenient way.
The solution also enables the bank to administrate and send real-time messages via push notifications. mBank CompanyMobile native applications run on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry platforms.
(12 Dec 2013)
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