eLeader Shelf Recognition

Single Picture – full information about products exposition:
• presence, facings, listings, planograms,
• availability of competitor products,
• share of shelf,
• quality of exposition (number of a shelf, height, surface and continuity).

• more than 94% recognition precision,
• multi dimensional data analysis,
• 100% integration with SFA/FFM/RSE eLeader application,
• integration with customers behavioral analysis systems,
• support different types of exposition,
• detection of frauds in Photo-surveys.


New, extremely flexible module for promotions in the eLeader SFA application!

A sample definition of the promotion: "A SPA voucher is a gift when ordering at least 3 pallets of any brand X products with capacities greater than 1L or 200ml cartons, unless the order will not be made from categories A and C. At the same time the complete order has to exceed the Y amount. It is possible to receive max two gifts in one quarter."

The design of the module allows users to freely define the rules of gratification and discounting. The application also suggests how to change the parameters of the order in a way to optimize the distribution of available promotions, increase profits and customer satisfaction.

(19th May 2014)

eLeader Mobile Visit in the „big league” of RSE vendors according to the new Gartner report

Recently published document – "Vendor Panorama for Retail Execution and Monitoring in Consumer Goods" – describes the key issues for choosing the best mobile SFA / FFM / RSE vendors.

eLeader Mobile Visit was chosen for it’s flexibility and complexity of covered functionalities and it has a potential to “be found as one of the top 5 global providers”.

The full report can be found on Gartner webpage.

(23 Oct 2013)


A new chapter for eLeader mobile finance.

Welcome to FINANTEQ.

We are pleased to inform you that on September 1st mobile banking and m-commerce departments of eLeader become a seperate company operating under the name FINANTEQ SA as a part of eLeader capital group.

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